Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon proficiency is the ranking of a unit's expertise with a particular weapon type. Proficiency also marks which types of weapons a unit is able or unable to use. With high usage of a type of weapon, a unit can improve their proficiency with a weapon, allowing the unit to use a wider range of weapons of that type, as well as improving their skill in battle with that particular weapon type.

Weapon Ranks

In each of the different types of weapons, a unit has six different ranks, assuming the unit is able to use that type of weapon. These ranks, from least to most proficient, are E, D, C, B, A, and S. Units with higher ranks can use more powerful weapons of the type they are proficient in. Also, units with an S rank gain bonuses in battle as long as they wield a weapon of that type. Units can only have one S rank for weapon proficiency. Only promoted units can have S rank proficiencies; unpromoted units can only reach up to 250 experience in a weapon proficiency.

Weapon Experience

With every attack, units gain experience with the weapon type they use. With enough experience, the unit will go up in rank for that weapon, until they reach the S rank (or A rank if they already have an S rank). In battle, a unit gains the following experience in weapon proficiency for the weapon type they used:

  • 1 EXP per hit with normal weapons (i.e. Iron, Steel, Silver)
  • 1 EXP per hit with ranged physical weapons (i.e. Javelin, Hand Axe, etc.)
  • 1 EXP per hit with magic tomes
  • 2 EXP per hit with reaver weapons (i.e. Axereaver, Lancereaver, etc.)
  • 2 EXP using a Heal staff
  • 3 EXP using Mend, Recover, Restore, or Physic staves
  • 4 EXP using a Barrier staff
  • 5 EXP using Torch, Unlock, Silence, Sleep, Berserk or Fortify staves
  • 7 EXP using Rescue or Warp staves
  • 8 EXP using a Hammerne staff
  • Ballistae, catapults, etc. do not award EXP

GMs can use their own values for custom weapons/staves if they choose to do so.
When units are promoted, they will gain +40 exp for each weapon they are proficient in, in their previous class. If they are proficient in more than one, and this would cause more than one weapon to upgrade to an S rank, the player chooses which rank becomes an S and the rest an A.

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