Third Tier Variant Rule

This page will describe an optional variant based on the system of promotion in Radiant Dawn. In Radiant Dawn, 2nd Tier classes, such as Generals and Swordmasters, could be promoted further into more formidable classes, Marshall and Trueblade respectively. This system can be utilized by the GM if he/she plans on having an extensive story that includes many battles. This also allows GMs to create even more challenging enemies.

NOTE: The promotion upgrades for third tier classes are actually pretty generic. They have been separated into four groups: Male Physical Units, Female Physical Units, Male Magical Units, and Female Magical Units. The cap for HP is raised to 80.

Note: The crit bonuses listed below do not stack with any previous crit bonuses the classes had prior to promotion. Also, any weapon proficiencies gained by a promoted class start a D level. All mounted units, flying and ground, gain the skill Canto which allows the unit move after an attack if they have any movement left.

Promotional Upgrades For Third Tier Units

As mentioned earlier the promotional upgrades for third tier units is very simple and generic. Though the promotional upgrades may be generic, each class has unique stat caps.

Stat Male Physical Unit Female Physical Unit Male Magical Unit Female Magical Unit
HP +4 +4 +4 +4
ATK +2 +3 +3 +2
DEF +2 +3 +4 +5
RES +4 +4 +2 +2
SKL +2 +2 +2 +2
SPD +2 +2 +2 +2
LUK +0 +0 +0 +0
CON +0 +0 +0 +0
MOV +0 +0 +0 +0

Class Promotions

This is a list of third tier promotions. There are some classes that are made in this list for the sake of convenience.

Class Promotes to
Great Lord Emperor/Empress
Warrior Reaver
Berserker Juggernaut
Ranger Outrider
Hero Vanguard
Sniper Marksman
Rogue Whisper
Assassin Silent One
Swordmaster Trueblade
Paladin Silver Knight
General Marshall
Great Knight Royal Sentry
Halberdier Sentinel
Falconknight Seraph Knight
Roc Knight Phoenix Knight
Wyvern Knight Dragoon
Wyvern Lord Wyvern Master
Mage Knight Mystic Rider
Sage Archsage
Druid Shadowmaster
Bishop Saint
Strategist Synergist

In the sections below, the skill gains and stat caps will be given for each class.

Emperor and Empress

This class takes the great lord to heights as now the unit is even more powerful. This unit is now even deadlier as they can choose another weapon from the weapon triangle. They start off with a D level with this new weapon.

Weapon Proficiency: Three of the following: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow
Skill: +15 critical with starting weapon

Stat Caps Emperor Empress
ATK 37 34
DEF 33 32
RES 33 35
SKL 34 39
SPD 34 40


Warriors who continue on their career become reavers, deadlier units whose strength know no bounds.

Weapon Proficiency: Axes, Bows
Skill: +5 critical, Colossus (Skill/2% triple STR)

Stat Caps Reaver
STR 40
DEF 36
RES 32
SKL 38
SPD 36


A force to be reckoned with, juggernaut are mighty axe who become deadlier in deadly situations.

Weapon Proficiency: Axe
Skill: +15 critical, Wrath (At 50% hp, double critical chance)

Stat Caps Juggernaut
ATK 40
DEF 33
RES 31
SKL 39
SPD 38


Few units can match the speed of the outrider. Masters of hit and run tactics, they are able to move before and after an attack. They are also the only only class that gets a +1 to their MOV, giving them a total of 8.

Weapon Proficiency: Swords, Bows
Skill: Deadeye(Skill/2%, triple damage and enemy is unable to take any action for one turn.)

Stat Caps Male Outrider Female Outrider
ATK 35 33
DEF 34 32
RES 33 35
SKL 38 38
SPD 40 40


Hero among heroes, vanguards are mighty guardians who wield both axe and sword.

Weapon Proficiency: Axe, Sword
Skill: Aether (Skill/2% two consecutive attacks, first attack has sol-like effect of healing equal to damage, second has luna-like effect of negating DEF. Neither triple damage or triple STR.)

Stat Caps Male Vanguard Female Vanguard
ATK 35 34
DEF 35 34
RES 32 34
SKL 40 40
SPD 36 36


Snipers who are the best of the best. Marksmen are masters of the bow. They are able to shoot farther than standard archers, they add +1 to the max range of their bows.

Weapon Proficiency: Bow
Skill: +10 critical, Deadeye (Skill/2% triple damage and struck enemy unit cannot take any action for one turn.)

Stat Caps Male Marksmen Female Marksmen
ATK 35 34
DEF 35 34
RES 33 34
SKL 40 40
SPD 38 39


Thieves of the highest caliber, whispers make going unnoticed their specialty. If their is whisper and another unit provoking an enemy, the enemy target the other unit first. They also have a chance of dealing heavy damage to a unit despite their low STR.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword
Skill: Pick Lock, Wound (Skill/2% put enemy unit hp at 1)

Stat Caps Whisper
ATK 30
DEF 30
RES 30
SKL 40
SPD 40

Shadowed One

Masters of the kill, lurkers in the shadow. Shadowed Ones are practice their profession as though it were an art form. Like whispers, they go unnoticed if their is an ally also threatening an enemy unit, but rather than picking locks and stealing possessions, they execute lethal blows to their foes.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword
Skill: +15 critical, Lethality (50% on critical to instant kill)

Stat Caps Shadowed One
ATK 30
DEF 30
RES 30
SKL 40
SPD 40


Swordsmen whose blades are even deadlier than swordmasters, trueblades are powerful units who are one with their swords.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword
Skill: Critical +20, Astra (Skill/2%, 5 consecutive strike each at half damage)

Stat Caps Male Trueblade Female Trueblade
ATK 34 32
DEF 32 32
RES 33 35
SKL 39 39
SPD 40 40

Silver Knight

Holy warriors of even greater strength, silver knights seek to strike down evil doers. The have proficiencies with all close combat weapons

Weapon Proficiency: Sword, Lance, Axe
Skill: Sol (Skill/2%, Triple damage and recover hp equal to damage dealt)

Stat Caps Male Silver Knight Female Silver Knight
ATK 35 33
DEF 35 34
RES 35 36
SKL 36 37
SPD 34 35


Slow moving units with near impenetrable armor, marshalls are the embodiment of defense. With their Pavise skill, they have a chance of negating any damage dealt to them. Pavise replaces the skill Great Shield.

Weapon Proficiency: Lance, Axe, Sword
Skill:Pavise (Skill% activation, negate damage dealt)

Stat Caps Male Marshall Female Marshall
ATK 39 37
DEF 40 39
RES 35 36
SKL 37 38
SPD 34 35

Royal Sentry

Mighty mounted units whose loyalty to their cause knows no bounds. They are able to use all close combat weapons.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword, Lance, Axes
Skill: Luna (Skill/2%, Triples STR and negates enemy DEF)

Stat Caps Male Royal Sentry Female Royal Sentry
ATK 38 36
DEF 39 38
RES 35 36
SKL 34 36
SPD 34 35


Those who have mastered the art of killing blows with their lances become sentinels. Sentinels are able to deal heavy damage with their lances.

Weapon Proficiency: Lances
Skill: Critical +15, Impale(Skill/2%, x4 damage)

Stat Caps Male Sentinel Female Sentinel
ATK 37 36
DEF 34 33
RES 32 33
SKL 39 39
SPD 39 40

Seraph Knight

Only the best of the best falcon knights can become seraph knights. They use their swords and lances to gain the upper-hand over most units. Seraph knights are able to prevent units from moving with their stun skill.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword, Lance
Skill: Stun(Skill/2%, Triple Damage and unit is unable to move for one turn)

Stat Caps Seraph Knight
ATK 33
DEF 33
RES 36
SKL 35
SPD 38

Phoenix Knight

Only the most capable roc knights might be skilled enough to ride the fabled phoenix. These accomplished fliers can now use the Deadeye skill in order to completely devastate enemy flier units.

Weapon Proficiency: Lance, Bows
Skill:Deadeye (Skill/2% triple damage and struck enemy unit cannot take any action for one turn.)

Stat Caps Phoenix Knight
ATK 34
MAG 31
DEF 34
RES 33
SKL 37
SPD 38


Wyvern knights who master the axe become dragoons. Better able to pierce enemy defenses, their Pierce skill is replaced by Fierce Strike.

Weapon Proficiency: Axe
Skills: +5 Critical, Fierce Strike (Critical Hits negate enemy defense)

Stat Caps Male Dragoon Female Dragoon
ATK 35 34
DEF 34 33
RES 32 33
SKL 36 37
SPD 38 39

Wyvern Masters

Only the greatest wyvern lords can ascend to wyvern masters. These flying terrors are able to use all close range weapons. Like Seraph Knights, they are able prevent enemy units from moving by attacking them.

Weapon Proficiency: Sword, Lance, axe
Skill: Stun(Skill/2%, Triple Damage and enemy cannnot move for one turn)

Stat Caps Wyvern Master
ATK 37
DEF 38
RES 32
SKL 35
SPD 33

Mystic Rider

An even more powerful mounted magic wielder, the Mystic Rider quickly traverses the battle field to use their powerful or to provide healing magic for allies. Like outriders, Mystic riders gain a +1 to MOV bringing it to a total of 8.

Weapon Proficiency: Anima, Staff
Skill: Flare (Skill/2%, Negate RES and recover hp equal to damage dealt)

Stat Caps Male Mystic Rider Female Mystic Rider
ATK 34 35
DEF 34 34
RES 35 38
SKL 36 34
SPD 35 35


Masters of all magic, archsages are able to use all three types of offensive magic as well as staves. Archsages also have a chance of doing increased damage with their magic using the Flare skill.

Weapon Proficiency: Anima, Light, Dark, Staff
Skills: Flare (Skill/2%, Negate RES and recover hp equal to damage dealt)

Stat Caps Male Archsage Female Archsage
ATK 38 40
DEF 31 31
RES 35 35
SKL 40 38
SPD 36 36


Through their dark pacts, shadowmasters gain even greater strength. The magic cast from a shadowmaster has a chance of paralyzing its victim.

Weapon Proficiency: Anima, Dark, Staff
Skill: Darkness(Skill/2%, Negate RES and struck enemy is unable to take any action for one turn)

Stat Caps Male Shadowmaster Female Shadowmaster
ATK 39 39
DEF 31 30
RES 38 39
SKL 36 36
SPD 36 36


Masters of light magic and the vanquisher of demons, saints are revered far and wide for their talents.

Weapon Proficiency: Light, Staff
Skill: Corona(Skill/2%, Negate RES and halve Accuracy of struck enemy for one turn)

Stat Caps Male Saint Female Saint
ATK 35 35
DEF 32 31
RES 40 40
SKL 36 35
SPD 34 36


Like the mystic rider, synergists are experts at using magic on horseback. They get a +1 to their MOV for a total of 8.

Weapon Proficiency: Light, Staff
Skill: Corona(Skill/2%, Negate RES and halve Accuracy of struck enemy for one turn)

Stat Caps Synergist
ATK 35
DEF 34
RES 38
SKL 34
SPD 35
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