Things Needed

This page is created so that players can list things within the game and site that would generally prove useful for the purposes of FEd20

Unpromoted Classes
FE Fates style ninjas with throwing weapons
Why not have thieves wield daggers?

Promoted Classes
Dark fliers


Tier 3 Classes

Apprentice Classes
~~These classes are weaker classes that promote into standard classes
Promotion bonuses for apprentices
Super trainees

Site Upgrades
~Just a general list of things needed.
Downloadable format (for Fire Embleming where there is no internet)
Printable Format: for those who hate computers
Clearer description of battle formulas.
Monsters (such as Baels & Wights)
Rules for 1v1 or more matches.
A Forum for easier discussions among members (excuse me if there is already a forum) —solved and here is the link. Discussion ~Couch
Str/Mag split so Dark Fliers and War Priests/Clerics can become a reality

new classes

brigands can pass over high mountains just like berserkers

Options for mounted great lords


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