Strict Battle Rule

Some GMs may prefer a stricter play of battles, and therefore may employ the Strict Battle Rule. When the Strict Battle Rule is in play, the player must carry out any attack they choose to make. The player does not get to see any of the battle stats (i.e. damge dealt, hit rate, etc.) until the middle of battle, and cannot take back their choice, therefore preventing the player to take back their movement or choose another attack target. This speeds up gameplay, and gives more of a challenge, as well as causing the players to think more about the enemy's stats and who they should attack.

So, for example, without the rule, a player can move a unit and choose to attack it, viewing the stats before battle. Seeing as how his/her unit has a 42% chance to deal 1 damage to an enemy unit, which has a 96% chance to deal 16 damage, they would want to change their attack, and choose a different target, where his/her unit has a 76% chance to deal 4 damage and the enemy unit only has a 5% chance to deal 8 damage.

With the Strict Battle Rule, once the player chooses to attack their first target, the battle begins. Then, stats are calculated, and battle is conducted regardless if the player's feelings to the battle stats (taking massive damage from the enemy). Of course, if a GM makes a mistake as to who they made an enemy attack, they also must follow the Strict Battle Rule and carry out the battle anyway.

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