Scenarios are the maps that the units battle on, given victory conditions and locations of enemies, events, etc. Each of these scenarios have a different setting (plains, dungeon, castle, etc.), and each battle has different conditions. These conditions may be:

  • Rout - Defeat the enemies
  • Defeat Boss - Defeat the enemy boss
  • Seize - Take control of the throne/target space
  • Defend X - Defend a given target for X amount of turns

And many others! The GM may decide on their own condition, especially if the battle is a skirmish between two or more human players (such as a Capture the Flag match).

Submitting a User-Created Scenario

Users of this wiki are allowed to submit their own content. When submitting scenarios, create your own page, with the suffix "[SCN]" on it (without quotes), and then the name afterward. After finishing the page, save it and add the following code to the bottom of the page:

Go back to [[[scenarios|Scenarios]]]

This way, your scenario can link with this page.

In the scenario page, be sure to include:

  • Title
  • Description/story (optional)
  • # Human Players
  • # of units allowed per player (usually shown in your second picture)
  • Victory Condition
  • Expansions (if your map uses anything outside of the Base FE d20 System)
  • 4 separate pictures:
    • Picture 1 - Map of the whole battlefield
    • Picture 2 - Map of marked starting positions
      • Under this picture, mark any required starting positions, i.e. Lord's position
    • Picture 3 - Map of enemy unit positions
      • Under this picture, include a table of all of the unit's stats, inventory, etc.
    • Picture 4 - Other info
      • This includes spawning of future units, with a table of which turn they come in, their stats, etc. or items in a chest, door durability, etc.

User-Submitted Scenarios

If you wish to view user-created scenarios, press the Options button, then the Backlinks button, and a list of scenarios created will appear (please ignore the Side page, that links to the sidebar page).

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