Phantoms are special units spawned by using the Summon skill, learned by units of the Summoner class. In combat, they act as temporary humanoid warriors summoned by dark magic. Each Summoner can only summon one a time; however, if there are multiple Summoners in the battle, each can summon one. When a Phantom comes into battle, they have the same level as the unit who summoned them. Phantoms use axes, only have one hit point, and always have zero defense and resistance. They appear holding a randomly selected axe. They are very limited in their ability to interact with other allied units: they cannot trade and they cannot rescue or be rescued, although staves and dances can be used on them. Generally, their low stats give them very little fighting power, and they die in one hit if the enemy does not miss. Therefore, they are usually used to bait in enemies or slightly weaken opponents. They cannot change class in any way or level up.

Phantom Stats:
HP 1
STR 1d8
SKL 1d6
SPD 1d8
LUK 1d20
CON 11
Phantom Weapons:
Phantom Level Weapons Weapon Ranks
Level 1- 5 Iron Axe D
Level 6 - 10 Iron Axe C
Level 11 -15 Steel Axe, Hand Axe B
Level 16 - 20 Killer Axe, Hand Axe A
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