Items are non-weapon objects that the units hold, whether its healing, stat-boosting, or to be sold for money. The following table contains all the info on the common items used in the basic Fire Emblem d20 system, and GMs are free to create their own items. When used, the item's effect is applied to the user, and its usage decreases by 1, becoming fully consumed and removed from the inventory if the amount of uses left reaches 0.

Name Uses Price Effect
Vulnerary 3 300 Heals 10 HP
Elixir 3 3000 Heals all HP
Antitoxin 3 450 Removes poison
Pure Water 3 900 Increases Resistance by 7, and decreases by 1 each turn
Torch 5 500 Increases vision by 6 in fog of war, decreases by 1 each turn
Mine 1 500 Placed and hidden on a free adjacent space. Damages any unit that steps on it
Light Rune 1 800 Placed on a free adjacent space. Prevents any unit from entering the space
Red Gem - 5000 Only obtained by drop. Sells for 2,500G
Blue Gem - 10000 Only obtained by drop. Sells for 5,000G
White Gem - 20000 Only obtained by drop. Sells for 10,000G
Lockpick 15 1200 Only usable by Thieves. Opens a door or chest
Door Key 1 50 Opens a door
Chest Key 1 300 Opens a chest
Angelic Robe 1 8000 Permanently increases max HP by 7
Energy Ring 1 8000 Permanently increases STR/MAG by 2
Dragon Shield 1 8000 Permanently increases DEF by 2
Talisman 1 8000 Permanently increases RES by 2
Speedwings 1 8000 Permanently increases SPD by 2
Secret Book 1 8000 Permanently increases SKL by 2
Goddess Statue 1 8000 Permanently increases LUK by 2
Boots 1 8000 Permanently increases MOV by 2
Body Ring 1 8000 Permanently increases CON by 2
Master Seal 1 8000 Promotes lv 10 or higher unpromoted units (except Lord)
Iron Rune - 5000 Prevents critical hits on user while held
Delphi Shield - 10000 When held by flying units, bows lose effectiveness on unit
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