Growth Rate

Growth rate specifies the chance that a unit's respective stat will grow upon leveling up. When a unit levels up, it will have the following chances to add 1 to the respective stat:

Growth rank D: 20%
Growth rank C: 40%
Growth rank B: 60%
Growth rank A: 80%

So, for each skill, d% is rolled. If the result succeeds, the unit will gain 1 point to the stat. If it fails, no improvement is made on this level.

For example, a unit has the following stats and growths:

HP - 16 - Growth rate D
STR/MAG - 6 - Growth rate C
DEF - 8 - Growth rate A
RES - 3 - Growth rate C
SKL - 6 - Growth rate C
SPD - 5 - Growth rate B
LUK - 4 - Growth rate B

For each of the 7 stats, using the percentage dice, the following results are obtained for each respective stat: 86, 24, 01, 59, 77, 49, 10

For HP, as 86 overpasses the 20% chance, HP does not go up. However, for STR/MAG, 24 is under the 40% for C, so the unit gains 1 STR/MAG. The same applies to DEF, with 01 being under 80%. However, RES and SKL do not go up as 52 goes over 20%, and 59 and 77 both go over 40%. SPD and LUK both go up 1 point as 49 and 10 are both under 60%.

Therefore, the following results for the level up are:
HP - 16
DEF - 9
RES - 3
SKL - 6
SPD - 6
LUK - 5

When an unpromoted unit gets a class promotion, from either an upgrade item or reaching lv 21, the unit gains specific stat upgrades, and does not roll for improvements at this level. However, starting from lvl 1 of the promoted unit, the unit will roll for stat improvements again at future levels.

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