Great Shield

Great Shield is a skill earned by a Knight upon promotion to the General class. The Great Shield skill gives the unit a chance to boost defenses with their massive armor, negating any damage taken. The chance for this skill activating is equal to the unit's level (i.e. a lvl 7 General would have a 7% chance of using Great Shield).

When the opponent makes a successful attack, after the attack and critical rolls are made, roll percentage dice for the Great Shield skill, with percentage equal to the level as specified above. If the roll is successful, no damage is dealt with that attack, and battle continues. If the roll fails, attack continues as normal.

If you wish to speed up gameplay, this roll does not have to be made if it is determined the attack will still deal 0 damage if the skill fails. Any other effects, such as inflicting poison to the unit taking the damage, still apply regardless of skill success and activation.

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