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The discussion page was created with the aim of allowing members of the Fire Emblem d20 community to communicate about their work in an open and accessible manner, that passers-by can view, allowing them to see what goes on behind the scenes, and the effort which the Fire Emblem d20 community puts in.


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Current Discussion

This seemed like a good idea. Anyway, I'll be adding a page on how to create classes and other such expansions, for a more unique game. Basically breaking down what makes a "class", and so on. (Stat growths, horseback/armoured/infantry/etc, weapons, promotion gains, caps, and so on, and a step by step example of a custom class.) Sound good?

~Lord Ajax

That sounds cool, supporting customization never hurts. Also, since many of the classes so far seem to be based (at least partially) on Sacred Stones, does a page for monsters seem feasible? If I was to do a D20 Fire Emblem campaign I know I would love to add some of the Monsters, or maybe the Manakete.


Go for it. While I wasn't a fan of Sacred Stones myself, I can see the allure of being able to use monsters in a campaign.

~Lord Ajax

I would love too help create some of the classes but I first need too know what the process for creating the current classes is? So that I can keep the classes generally balanced. And as another thing me and a few friends are going too attempt this as a campaign game (with the players being the "heroes army" and the GM playing the enemies/allies


I will be starting a game soonish with 3 of my friends. One of them will be the DM and myself as well as the other two will be the players. I do have one question though. Do we each have a lord and an army? Do we each only have a lord? Do we only control a single character? This isn't made very clear…
The system is very true to the game but this makes a single battle potentially time consuming. If it is alright I would like to add things to the ends of pages describing ways to quicken things or simplify things. Little stuff to hopefully quicken things so a map can be more easily cleared in one sitting ^^


I edited the front page to hopefully make it more clear that each army is made up of a group of units and one lord. If you've ever played any of the series you may know that the enemy may not use a "Lord" as his lord unit but there is always a unit designated to be the leader. I find that it might be easiest on GMs and players alike to stick a bit to the cliches of fire emblem in naming conventions, i.e. The leader of the army gets a name, anyone important gets a name (Talkable enemies, PC armies in a campaign), everyone else is a faceless mook with a general name like "Cutthroat" "Pirate" "Name of Country" "Remnant" "Zombie". Also if you have any quickening tips I would love to hear about them. I think I will check the pages to see if there is any clarification that I can do and then work on a customization template for classes and the like.


So sorry if this isn't the right place to post this: I have been running a game with this system with some friends (we're three sessions in and having a great time!) and was hoping I could post some of the scenarios and some general pieces of advice for people looking to run a game. Unfortunately I am a complete noob when it comes to managing and editing wikis (I only know how to write this very question by copying the format the rest of you are using)… how exactly do I 'create my own page', as the scenarios page says to do when submitting? Again, so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, I couldn't find any other forums. Reply here or PM me or anything if you can help! Thanks!


@NicholasTW: There's a text box where you can input the name of the page you want to create.



Are we going to stick to the official games? Because we could add things like AOE magic, magic which deals damage based on enemy Def instead of Res (like conjured swords, lances, axes etc) or custom classes.

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