Status conditions can affect a unit during its duration negatively, whether it is preventing attacks or dealing damage or any other kind of negative effect. These are usually obtained from enemy staves, or dangerous terrain, and usually last for 5 turns, unless specified. At the beginning of each turn, the count of turns remaining is reduced by 1, and once the count reaches 0, the condition is removed. Enemies can overwrite your status condition, but your own units cannot.

Condition Effect
Poison At the beginning of each turn, unit takes 1d3 damage.
Sleep Unit cannot move or attack, but can still dodge. Getting attacked does not wake up a unit.
Berserk Cannot be moved by the player, and is moved by the GM after player ends their turn. Berserk units attack any unit within range, friend or enemy, that it can deal the most damage to.
Silence Unit cannot use magic tomes or staves.
Petrification Unit is turned to stone, being unable to move or act on their turn. Enemies gain +30 critical rate on attacks against a petrified unit.
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