Character Sheet

Character sheets are the sheets or cards GMs use to track unit stats. These sheets hold info for all players, enemies, and other NPCs on the battlefield or in the campaign. All of a unit's stats, proficiencies, support bonds and inventory, as well as other info, is kept recorded on these cards for easy access.

If you wish to keep character sheets online to share with others, make an account at EditGrid, an online spreadsheet that is viewable by anyone, users and guests (but is only editable by the GM ;) ). Otherwise, you can print off these sheets to use with friends in real life tabletop sessions.

If you use Excel while playing FE d20, it may be wise to make copies of the Character Sheet in one book, so you can track all units in one convenient file ;)

The following files can be downloaded and used for character sheets. To show the files, click on the "Files" button on this page, and select the respective format you wish to download.

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